Aside from using a brush that's great for you and the environment there are incredible health benefits to using the Toothtapping method. 


When you Toothtap you aren’t just cleaning your teeth but your whole mouth. Starting off the process by stimulating the flow of healthy saliva, allows the beneficial bacteria to naturally banish the harmful bacteria. It is the harmful bacteria hiding in the folds of your tongue and in the pockets between your teeth that cause your bad breath.



When you brush you end up pushing your gums up causing them to recede early, tapping avoids that damage. It also eliminates plaque (the sticky white biofilm that forms on your teeth) which keeps your gums healthy, naturally.

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Toothtapping helps prevent gum disease and cavities from ever starting as well as removing plaque before it even has a chance to fully form. So when you visit your dentist those common problems should be gone, avoiding painful needles, painful drills and painful scalers



Since you don’t need water or toothpaste to Toothtap your teeth, you can Toothtap anywhere. Watching TV, Reading or doing other tasks. You don’t need to be in the bathroom to Toothtap. Optimal time is 5 minutes, if you can do longer even better. 


Affordable dental treatment

By preventing tooth decay and gum disease and maintaining a healthy smile, you will avoid expensive dental treatment such as root canals, crowns, bridges and implants. Saving yourself thousands of dollars.



“I didn’t realize the damage I was doing to my own mouth so when I heard about Toothtapping I was intrigued. Not only is it easy but my teeth just feel better.” - Victor

“It actually works. That clean feeling you get after you see the dentist is the way I feel when I’m done tapping.
It’s amazing.” - Brittany

“Toothtapping completely changed the way I thought about cleaning my teeth and the difference is crazy good.” - Max

“It’s easy, painless and convenient.
I toothtap when I’m watching TV.
Plus it limits my visit to the see the doc.” - Dalyce

“I’ve got two small kids at home and I’m so excited to be getting them in the habit of this from young.” - Shane

“I’m so conscious about what I put in my body. When I found a way to take a daily task that was hurting my health before and change it I was so thrilled.” - Kayla