What is ToothTapping™?

Toothtapping™ is a technique of cleaning teeth by tapping with a Toothtapper™. Through a tapping rhythm you can remove plaque, heal sensitive teeth, stop bleeding gums, and tooth loss. The uniquely designed ToothTapper™ paired with the new three-fingure grip hold allows for a thorough and natural tooth cleaning experience.

Can I ToothTap with my old brush?

No. As much as it is physically possible to, the nylon bristles of your old brush are too hard and unconformable for the Toothtapping™ technique. The Toothtapper™ is especially designed with tapping in mind.

Do I still need to see the dentist?

Although Toothtapping™ will alleviate and prevent our most common oral issues it is still important to see your dentist.

Do I still need to floss?

No. The Toothtapper™ is specially formulated to floss your teeth as you tap. The bristles will painlessly remove plaque and food debris through a pulling and pushing motion from between your teeth. However if there are times when you feel the need to floss, that is okay.

What is the Bamboo ToothTapper made of?

The Toothtappers™ are made of Moso Bamboo, safely and conscientiously harvested from the bamboo rich mountain regions of China. 

Are the bristles biodegradable?

We are working on sourcing/using bristles made of Nylon 4, which are certified compostable and will biodegrade in the environment. Until then we are using nylon 6 on a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle. 

Before disposing of the handle, simply pull the bristles out of the head and dispose of. The handles will complete biodegrade in the environment.

how do I distinguish my tapper from the other members of my family?

We are working on different colored bristles, but until then have some family fun drawing, painting or marking your own designs or initials on the bamboo handles.

Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship to the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. We will soon be available in more countries. We appreciate your interest and support!

My question is not here!

We’d be happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have! Simply email toothtapping@gmail.com.


What do I need to ToothTap?

All you need is a Toothtapper™ and you are good to go. No water no toothpaste. Your saliva is a natural lubricant.

Are there special care instructions?

Just rinse your Toothtapper ™ with tap water after TAPPING to remove any remaining food debris. Simply allow the Toothtapper to air dry and store in an upright position if possible.

The natural woody appearance of the Bamboo Toothtapper™ may fade over time, this will not effect your tapping experience.

Because the Toothtapper™ does not need toothpaste you may find that it will last longer than a conventional toothbrush, however the American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles have become frayed.

Check your Toothtapper™ often for this type of wear and replace them more frequently if needed.

Will my toothtapper get moldy?

It’s not about the toothbrush its about where and how you store it.

All toothbrushes both manual and electric can get a black mold around the bristles. To prevent the growth of this black mold you need to  let the toothbrush  dry out. The mold thrives on water, which is needed for its growth and survival. Take the moisture away and there will be no mold

Bamboo toothbrushes with the natural bamboo handles may encourage the growth of mold faster than their plastic counterparts, so it is even more important to make sure that your toothbrush has time to dry out between brushings. 

The amount of time it takes to dry out your toothbrush depends on where you live, what the air temperature is and where you store your toothbrush.

After using your toothbrush it may take 12 hours or more for it to completely dry out. If you brush your teeth 2 times per day you may need to use 2 toothbrushes and if you brush 3 times per day you may need to use 3 toothbrushes, rotating them so that each one has a chance to dry out completely

Don’t store your toothbrush in the shower especially if the shower is used multiple times a day. This is a common situation for a family bathroom with multiple users.

After you have finished brushing and rinsing your toothbrush, store it in the open air, do not enclose it in its case or in an area that will continually be exposed to moisture over the next 24 hours.

As soon as the bristles become worn or flared this will reduce the efficiency of the brush and may also promote the growth of mold, so change your brushes often.

If you do get black mold on your toothbrush, it is easy to remove. Just add a few drops of Household bleach to a glass of water and soak your toothbrush in it. It will very quickly get rid of the black mold. Rinse your toothbrush and dry as suggested above.